Smoky Gray Tutorial | Urban Decay Smoky Palette


Click here to watch full tutorial

Hi my beauties!

Yes, the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette has sneaked back into my life and has taken over, yet again. I can’t help it. The colors are so buttery and rich and a great smoky is so easy. I decided to play with gray and navy. I have really been drawn to navy this past week and I have been using it a lot in my water line. I love switching it up and staying away from black whenever I can. If you have issues with eyeliner or even removing make up at the end of the day, I really suggest using other colors that aren’t black for mascaras and eyeliner. It’s easier and less harsh so little mistakes are not half as noticeable had it been a stark black. I digress.

This look is great for winter and I personally think it’s great for a daytime smoky when you want to be bold. It’s easy and only took a few colors. I just wish the smoky palette had better transitional colors but if it’s not your first time painting your lids, you might already have a favorite crease color like I do.

Now onto the products used!



As always, I already have a detailed foundation and eyebrow routine which I will link down below. The only things I have been rotating are concealers and blushed. Just use your favorites or if curious check out my videos and blog posts on perfecting your canvas!

Foundation Routine Blog Post

Foundation Routine Video

Eyebrow Routine Blog Post

Eyebrow Routine Video

  • Blush: Kiko Blush in 102
  • Highlight: TLS Cosmetics Highlight Powder in Glow Gawd



  • Base: MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot
  • Crease/Transitional Color: Kiko Eyeshadow in 204
  • Wing Liner: Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner in Sabbath
  • Waterline: Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Eyeliner in Minx
  • Inner Corner Highlight: Kiko Wet & Dry Use Eyeshadow in 200

Urban Decay Naked Smoky:

  • Lid: Password
  • Outer Corner and Lower Lid: Dagger
  • To blend: Combust


  • Lasplash Liquid Lipstick in Ghoulish


And that’s it! To watch the full tutorial Click Here!

As Always if you want to recreate any of my looks, upload them to instagram and use #esbeautyrealm to be featured on my page!

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