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My hair after straightening it and curling it using heat tools.
My hair after straightening it and curling it using heat tools.

For a tutorial on the look in the picture click here!

Click here to watch tutorial on my heat style recovery!

So sorry for the hiatus! I have been super sick and being sick led to a whole other world of trouble and worries for me in other departments! Anyway!

I am back with a tutorial on how I recovered from heat styling my hair. If you were not aware, I had straightened my hair with a flat ironed then I had used a curling wand to curl my hair for a tutorial. (Click here to watch video!)

All that stress on my hair had me a bit worried that I might not get back my beautiful curl pattern in one wash. Alas, I had not need worry. A good elasticity treatment bounces those curls right back! Elasticity is how far you can stretch your hair safely without breaking it. So needless to say the healthier your hair is, the more elastic it is. A good elasticity treatment will get those curls to bounce right back after heat styling. Now, an elasticity treatment is not a miracle worker. If you flat iron your hair every day, or have not worn your natural curl pattern in a long time, or even mistreat or not care for your hair the way you should be, an elasticity treatment may not do much for you. You would need to do this a few times a month, and it may take months for any visible results. This rule does not only apply to curly haired friends. ANYONE who doesn’t care for their hair properly will experience breakage and damage. So don’t tuck away your curls because it’s “hard work”, health is hard work. You can’t expect to have the perfect body in a week so don’t expect it from your hair either. Just because your natural hair may not look like a glossy magazine photo does not mean you have bad hair!

I have been stretching my hair a lot lately.
I have been stretching my hair a lot lately.

What I look for in a good elasticity treatment is a balance of proteins and moisture. Even if you are protein sensitive, after so much stress on your hair, you will need some type of protein to strengthen your strands. Moisture alone won’t do it, though it does help. For this particular session, I used Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen Grow and Restore Masque. This hair mask has a nice blend of proteins and moisturizing ingredients like castor oil, which helps with strengthen and thicken strands and also moisturize the hair by pulling moisture from the environment.

First I did a scalp massage with a DIY Scalp Spray.


In a 3 Ounce bottle fill 2/3 with Witch hazel. Witch hazel helps with circulation, cleansing the scalp and hair loss.

Fill the rest of the bottle with water, leave room for oil.

Use a bit of Jojoba oil to moisturize the scalp and loosen any dirt.

Rosemary Essential oil to help with PH Balance

Lavander Essential oil to help with Hair loss and moisture.

I then clarified my hair with Dr. Bronners Castile Soap with Tea Tree, (dilute by using a table spoon of the soap in a cup of water) but because this can be harsh on my hair, I followed up with Avalon Organics Nourishing Lavender Shampoo. Lavander essential oil helps with PH Balance that might have been thrown from the castile soap.

I then followed with the hair mask and went under the hooded dryer for 25 minutes. I normally do 15 minutes but I went the extra 10 to make sure it had really penetrated my hair. I would like to note that is not necessary for every deep conditioning session. You hair does have a threshold. Think of your hair like a sponge. It can only absorb so much, after a while you may just be wasting your time. I find under a hooded dryer, 15 minutes is enough and if you choose to just walk around your house and let it sit on you hair 25-35 minutes does the trick.

I then did my regular Silicone Free Wash & Go Routine but I added a bit of oil in between to add extra moisture.

Screenshot of my tutorial showing my hair bounced right back!
Screenshot of my tutorial showing my hair bounced right back!

My hair bounced right back and looked amazing. I will be doing this treatment again one more time to really lock in the strength and moisture.

Tutorial for my routine!

Hope you guys enjoyed this and learned something new!

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