Review| Carols Daughter Sacred Tiare Line

Carols Daughter Sacred Tiare Line
Nearly the entire collection. Missing is the hair cream.

Let’s talk hair today!

I am going to do a thorough review on the Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare collection that I have owned and used up.

Not so long ago, I went through a cleanse of hair products. To see my product collection video click here. I got rid of a ton of products that contained any kind of silicone. Now, I don’t have anything against silicone, however, with the direction I am going in with my new hair care routine, I would rather not use that particular ingredient. Going through postpartum shedding has me reconsidering many products and ingredients I use solely to make it through this phase with long hair! If you are not sure what postpartum, or post-pregnancy, shedding is, it’s basically excessive shedding after pregnancy. When I was pregnant, I had very little shedding and thick hair. After giving birth, my hair is now returning to normal and shedding those hairs that would have naturally shed had not my pregnancy hormones kept them in place.

For those who are silicone free, some of these products do contain silicones. Sorry gals.

NOTE: I did not purchase the hair cream because the bottle was hilariously tiny and in my eyes, over priced for the amount you get.

Let’s start with shampoo & conditioner.

Shampoo and Conditioner.
Shampoo and Conditioner.

Both of these products contain silicones. With that out of the way, these are wonderful but, honestly, I wasn’t wowed. The shampoo cleansed my hair and left it feeling conditioned. The conditioner was moisturizing and allowed me to detangle my hair quite well. The only issue I had with these products was that immediately after washing I did not notice any kind of frizz reduction. That’s kind of the whole reason I purchased nearly the entire line! While these products smell amazing, if I were to have just bought the shampoo and conditioner, I’m not too sure it would live up to the promise of frizz reduction. All in all, it’s an average shampoo and conditioner. Would I repurchase? No, for two reasons. 1. I am currently silicone free and 2. I don’t think these products helped my hair in any way.

Moving forward to the restoring hair mask.

Restoring Mask
Restoring Mask

This product I absolutely loved! It does contain silicones so unfortunately it’s out of my life for now, but if I ever choose to go back to silicones, this is a definite repurchase! After shampooing with the Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare Shampoo, I deep conditioned with this and all I could say is wow. My hair is soft, bouncy, moisturized and I could see an evident reduction in frizz. I have also used this product with other brands and lines and it works just the same. The entire Sacred Tiare line smells the same and I love it. After using this product in it’s entirety I can say confidently I noticed frizz reduction as well as improvement in strength in my hair. This product gets a definite thumbs up. Would I repurchase? Sadly not right now, definitely in the future if I go back to silicones!

Now the oil.

Smoothing Serum
Smoothing Serum

This is another product I loved and used up to the lost drop happily. This smoothing serum is incredibly light weight and almost invisible! It didn’t leave a greasy residue and it moisturized my locks beautifully. I didn’t really note a scent to this product and I am so happy to say it’s silicone free. I would normally use this after a leave in conditioner and before a cream or butter. This oil also blended easily with other brands and lines of products so it’s quite versatile and a stand alone product. Would I repurchase? Yes! It has easily become a staple product in my collection.

Finally, the product that compelled me to purchase this entire line: The leave in condish.

My beloved leave in!
My beloved leave in!

Words cannot express the love I have for this leave in conditioner. Firstly let me say, I did not think this product would do anything to my hair. I purchased this while I was pregnant and before I had straightened my hair for the first time in 8 months. I simply wanted a liquid leave in that had proteins for strength and wasn’t creamy or heavy. I did not expect a product I would soon fall in love with. After I straightened my hair, I used this leave in after clarifying and deep conditioning my hair. WOW. Not only did my curls bounce happily back but there was no breakage and the frizz was dramatically reduced. Now, I will admit that while I was pregnant my hair was happy, healthy and looked great on it’s own. This product, however, reduced my frizz and allowed me to rock my lion mane with confidence. I also noticed a huge reduction in shedding which is why I so wanted this collection to work for my postpartum shedding regimen. Would I repurchase? Yes, yes, a million times yes! In fact, I’ve repurchased this product 3 times! Also, it’s silicone free!

My lion mane of hair!
My lion mane of hair!

Unfortunately, I have not found a solution to my postpartum shedding but I promise I will keep you guys posted on my journey and future lines, collections and products I use.

Bottom line: The collection is great whether you purchase one product or the collection. I would strongly recommend the leave in conditioner and smoothing serum as those are silicone free and work great with other products, brands and lines!


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